Coupled with Chaos

Coupled with Chaos

Chaos is the norm for Steve, Kelly and the kids. This podcast highlights the events of a couple recently relocated from Virginia to Texas. Steve is a construction professional, runner, writer and comedian. Kelly is a retired HR professional, homeschooling mother, deal-finder and the person who reminds Steve that he doesn’t get paid to be a comedian. It won’t take long for you to figure out how they’ve managed to stay married for 25 years while raising three children in multiple states

PERSONAL PODCAST – Take My 700 Dollars Coupled with Chaos

Episode:PERSONAL PODCAST – Take My 700 Dollars Description:INTRO: Kelly continues her Walmart battle SUBSCRIPTION: She troubleshoots PetCO’s fish tanks and tries to give away 700 Dollars…all while still smelling like a skunk. Coupled with Chaos full episodes and bonus content subscriptions are available here:Premium Content, including Additional 90 Day Fiancé episodes, The Real Housewives Content, and the personal podcast available by subscription at:Supercast: Coupled with Chaos Channel: Contacts us:Email: Coupledwithchaos@gmail.comWeb site: https://coupledwithchaos.comFacebook: @CoupledwithchaosInstagram: @CoupledwithchaosTwitter: @CoupledwChaos
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  3. PERSONAL PODCAST – Getting Skunked During a Podcast
  4. PERSONAL PODCAST – Don't Take Any Rolled Nickels
  5. PERSONAL PODCAST – I Want My One Dollar

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